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Clearance Inspections

Clearance inspections are conducted after any activity that disturbs lead based paint. These investigations are based on protocols established by the US Department of HUD. Clearance Inspections consist of a visual inspection to confirm all hazard control work has been completed in an acceptable manner as well as a dust wipe protocol to confirm that all spaces were properly cleaned and are safe for reoccupation.

Clearance Testing

Clearance testing is the end result of our lead testing procedure. This part of lead testing is to make sure that the cleaning after the Abatement work or the interim controls were completed and that the clean up procedure that followed was done correctly. Clearance testing also determines whether or not Lead Safe Work Practices were used while doing the work.

Clearance Testing Has Four Crucial Parts To It

First, a visual inspection of the dwelling, looking for visible dust. If there is visible dust present then the lead inspector must fail inspection. If no dust is present then the inspector can continue with the clearance.

Second, the inspector looks over the risk assessment that was performed in the original lead testing procedures. The contractor must complete the hazard control plans submitted by the lead testing company. If not, then the inspector does not proceed.

Radon testing

Third, if the visual inspection and the hazard controls have been taken care of, then the inspector can proceed to the next stage of lead testing which is taking the dust samples to ensure that the proper clean up and the LSWP (Lead Safe Work Practice) has been applied. The amount of Federal dollars used on the renovation often determines how and for what the dwelling needs to be cleared for.

Fourth, the dust samples are sent to an accredited lab where they determine the amount of lead dust that is present and compare them to federal thresholds to see if they are within federal guidelines and practical limits.

  • Ensuring that the work has been acceptably completed and that the space is safe for reoccupation.
  • Allowing the contractor to establish a particular date and time that thespace was in a lead safe condition.

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